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The Original Glazed Ceramic Jar

The Original Glazed Ceramic Jar

Rs. 2,000

The Dieffenbachia’s distinctive patterned leaves add character to any nook and cranny, making it the perfect choice for anyone in search of some natural décor. The elegant ceramic planter we’ve already envisioned in 3 places at home? That’s just the cherry on top.

It’s not just the striking appearance that makes this houseplant a top seller – it also belongs to the elite club of plants with air purifying qualities. It’s scientifically proven to deliver clean air to its surroundings - the perfect choice for those looking for a new addition to the home or the office.


Environment: Mainly shade loving (medium indirect light is best)

Season: Throughout the year (but needs extra love in the winter)

Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor

Care: Light watering once in 2 days

Planter material: Ceramic

Planter dimensions (excluding the plant): L x W x H 4 in x 5.5 in x 8 in "