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The Elephant in the Room Planter

The Elephant in the Room Planter

Rs. 800

We love this little metallic elephant planter so much, we almost wanted to keep it for ourselves.
But we thought of the life it could live - on your desk, in your bathroom, on your bedside table and with a heavy heart, we packed its bag.

Potted here with an extremely popular species of houseplant, a cactus. In the early 1800s when cacti were first taken back to Europe, they were cultivated as ornamental plants. Rare species were often sold to collectors for very high prices.

Today cacti continue to be grown as houseplants as they are pretty easy to grow and maintain.


Environment: Start with bright indirect light at first, moving gradually on to direct sunlight. Ideal location would be a windowsill

Season: Throughout the year

Indoor/Outdoor: Both

Care: Infrequent watering - allow soil to dry out before watering, never let it sit in water

Planter material: Ceramic coated with metal

Planter dimensions (excluding the plant): L x W x H 1.5 in x 2.5 in x 3.9 in